Report "What Works for Brussels?"

Towards a common understanding of the intersection between spatial and economic planning

"What works for Brussels?" is the name we gave to a reflective process on the intersection between spatial and economic planning in Brussels. The rationale for this initiative is the widely shared observation of a weak link between economic development plans and spatial interventions occuring in Brussels. This process is an initiative of the Chair for Circular Economy and Urban Metabolism of the ULB, animated by Aristide Athanassiadis and Stephan Kampelmann. This was kicked off with an event on June 4 2018 that brought together some of most eloquent voices from the urbanism milieu in Brussels. A second workshop on October 8 2018 was organised in cooperation with our friends from Cities of Making and was the occasion to collected feedback on the draft report "What works for Brussels?".



What works in Brussels?

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