Circular Economy Hotspots

The Chair has been actively involved in developing a territorial strategy for circular economy in Brussels. This has led to the concept of "Circular Economy Hotspots". In a nutshell, such a hotspot can then be defined as a relatively small perimeter (a brownfield or large plot, a housing block, a neighborhood) that functions as a strategic node in the spatial organization of current or future physical flows of the urban system.

A hotspot should be:

  • central in the urban and economic organization of one or more material flows;
  • characterised by a high volume of these flows in the urban system;
  • offer concrete opportunities to change the current functioning of the perimeter to move towards more circularity.

In Brussels, potential hotspots include the North Quartier (large flows of building materials and opportunities in the context of functional transitions), the Crown Barracks in Ixelles, the Heyvaert or Masui neighbourhoods and other industrial and productive spaces such as Buda or the Zemu Biestebroeck.

This presentation persents work in progress on the concept of "Circular Economy Hotspots" as a territorial strategy for the implementation of circular economy in Brussels.