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Doughnut Economics in Cities (Kate Raworth) - Circular Metabolism Podcast ep.30

Doughnut Economics in Cities (Kate Raworth) - Circular Metabolism Podcast ep.30

📺 Welcome to the Circular Metabolism podcast 📺. Hello everyone and Welcome to the Circular Metabolism podcast, I am your host, Aristide from Metabolism of Cities. In this podcast we interview thinkers, researchers, activists, policy makers and practitioners to better understand the metabolism of our cities and how to reduce their environmental impact in a socially just and context-specific way.

Today’s episode is special. Today we celebrate the 30th episode of the Circular Metabolism Podcast and for that I’m wearing my favourite shirt. Over these 29 episodes I spoke and learned from very intelligent people about how to move forward with our current mess. I talked about urban ecology, territorial metabolism, circular economy, social ecology, degrowth, post-growth and today we’re going to talk about another fascinating topic that might become our compass for the numerous challenges that cities face. But today’s is also special because I get to talk with the fantastic Kate Raworth. Although we have never talked before, I know we already share some things in common. One of them is our love for doughnuts as it was my favourite treat when I was a kid. The other ones you’re going to discover them later in the episode.

To talk about Doughnuts, I have the author of the international bestseller “Doughnut Economics, Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st century Economist” which has been translated into 20 languages. She is an economist and over the past 25 years she has worked with Oxfam, UNDP, and in the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Zanzibar. She currently teaches at Oxford University and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Kate is also the co-founder of the Doughnut Economics Action Lab, an online collaborative laboratory that brings together tools and stories about how to transform a radical idea to transformative action.

On this episode we talk about the power of metaphors for implementing tranformative visions, how to transform visions into actions and how to navigate through the complex and interlinked societal and environmental challenges of the 21st century. We also discuss how doughnut economics could be applied at the city level and what a city like that might look like.

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