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Environmental Injustices of the Circularity Rift (Prof. Joan Martinez-Alier - UAB) - Circular Metabolism Podcast #40

Environmental Injustices of the Circularity Rift (Prof. Joan Martinez-Alier - UAB) - Circular Metabolism Podcast #40

📺 Welcome to the Circular Metabolism podcast 📺. Hello everyone and Welcome to the Circular Metabolism podcast, the bi-weekly meeting where we have in-depth discussions with thinkers, researchers, activists, policy makers and practitioners to better understand the metabolism of our cities and how to reduce their environmental impact in a socially just and context-specific way.

Today we celebrate the 40th episode of the Circular Metabolism Podcast by covering an important topic which will confront the promises and imaginary of the circular economy with the ecological conflicts happening in the commodity extraction and waste disposal frontiers. Today, we will discuss about the entropic character of the industrial economy, about the circularity gap or rift, the environmentalism of the poor and about the world movement or movements of environmental justice. To talk about these topics, we have Joan Martinez Alier, an Economist that researched and published numerous articles and books on agrarian studies, ecological economics and political ecology. In 2017 he was awarded the prestigious Leontief Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought for his groundbreaking theoretical and applied contribution integrating ecological approaches with developmental and justice-oriented ones. In 2020, he received the Balzan Prize for Environmental Challenges research for his research on the world environmental justice movement (or movements) that can be illustrated by EJAtlas, a large and growing database of over 3,350 “ecological distribution conflicts” built up at ICTA UAB since 2012 (

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