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How Degrowth can keep us under 1.5°C (Podcast with Lorenz Keysser)

How Degrowth can keep us under 1.5°C (Podcast with Lorenz Keysser)

📺 Welcome to the 66th episode of the Circular Metabolism Podcast: How Degrowth can keep us under 1.5°C with Lorenz Keysser 📺.

🏙️  On today’s episode we’ll spend some time examining IPCC scenarios and why they might have a blindspot. In fact, the IPCC special report on 1.5°C assumes that continued growth in GDP is necessary to support societal wellbeing and therefore rely on controversial amounts of carbon dioxide removal and/or unprecedented technological change to stay under the 1.5°C. What if instead of only focusing on efficiency we also explored sufficiency. By exploring post-growth scenarios where energy demand is drastically reduced and converging between the Global North and the Global South, achieving the 1.5°C target becomes much less risky and much more realistic.

🎓 To discuss these scenarios I have Lorenz Keysser, a researcher based at the Université de Lausanne. Lorenz has been exploring post-growth and degrowth policies for mitigating GHG emissions which are at the moment overlooked. As you will discover, Lorenz walks the talk and is involved in a variety of associations as well as has quite a unique story to share about a research stay he did.

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