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🐌Pathways towards Post-Growth

🐌Pathways towards Post-Growth

🍩 Numerous scholars propose post-growth or doughnut economics as a vision for a desirable, just and ecologically restorative future. Nevertheless, it is sometimes unclear how to make this desirable future a reality.

🔍 To explore how to develop a Post-Growth Deal, I invited not one but 3 fantastic guests on the Circular Metabolism Podcast (Julia Steinberger professor of Ecological Economics at Université de Lausanne, Giorgos Kallis professor of Ecological Economics and Political Ecology at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and finally Jason Hickel Professor at the Social and Cultural Anthropology Department at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona).

🏆 Together, they were awarded a European Research Council (ERC) project entitled a “Post-Growth Deal” trying to answer this essential question : “how can dramatic reductions in energy and resource use be achieved, while at the same time ending poverty and ensuring decent lives for all” ?

🎤 In this episode we discuss about :

1️⃣ What lead them to focus on Post-Growth ?

2️⃣ How and why they developed their project ?

3️⃣ What are the 5 pillars of post-growth they will focus on (1/ Planetary space of Possibilities, 2/ Post-growth Policy Packages, 3/ Provisioning Systems, 4/Political Movements, 5/Practical Implementation through Participation).

4️⃣ What would Post-Growth territories look like ?

5️⃣ Books and audio recommendations ?

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