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Post Growth - Life After Capitalism (Prof. Tim Jackson)

Post Growth - Life After Capitalism (Prof. Tim Jackson)

📺 Welcome to the Circular Metabolism podcast 📺. This podcast is hosted by Aristide Athanassiadis from Metabolism of Cities. In this podcast we interview thinkers, researchers, policy makers and practitioners to better understand the metabolism of our cities and how to reduce their environmental impact in a socially just and context-specific way.

In the last episodes we explored some alternative societal and economic models such as degrowth, living well within limits, permacircularity and we continue our quest by looking into postgrowth. Today is a special day, I have the pleasure to talk to Tim Jackson about his new book Post Growth – Life After Capitalism!

Tim is an ecological economist and writer. Since 2016 he has been Director of the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP). He holds degrees in mathematics (MA, Cambridge), philosophy (MA, Uni Western Ontario) and physics (PhD, St Andrews). Tim has been the author of Prosperity Without Growth a book that was highly influential for me 10 years ago when I was exploring the relationship between material flows, GDP and prosperity. Over the last years, he seems to be obsessed with growth, its ills and what we should really focus on in the society of tomorrow.

His new book title Post Growth which I had the pleasure to ready thanks to the team at Polity is a mix between a history of economy, capitalism, science, and philosophy and a manifesto on how to build the next economy. You can find quotes of the Beatles, Boltzmann, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Stuart Mill and many others in order to better understand what the good life is and what motivates us.

On this episode we talk about how to what is post growth, what life after capitalism might look like, as well as how the flow state might be a solution to overcome current challenges.

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