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Scaling Laws in Cities (Interview with Geoffrey West - Sante Fe Institute) - Circular Metabolism Podcast ep.45

Scaling Laws in Cities (Interview with Geoffrey West - Sante Fe Institute) - Circular Metabolism Podcast ep.45

📺 Welcome to the 45th episode of the Circular Metabolism Podcast: Scaling Laws in Cities with Prof. Geoffrey West 📺.

🏙️ on today’s episode we will talk about complex adaptive systems, Kleiber’s law and how it is possible predict based on the size of the city how many patents it’s produced, how long are all of its roads or how many violent crimes have been committed. I can imagine that you might be lifting an eyebrow asking yourself how is that possible.

🎓 Well don’t worry to answer these questions I have the distinguished Prof Geoffrey West from Santa Fe Institute. Geoffrey is a physicist that has worked on particle theory but then shifted and focused his carrier to identify power laws in biology or in other terms how organisms and mammals metabolic rate change when we scale them up or down. He tested these power laws in cities and some surprising findings come out of it. All these elements can be found in his book “Scale: The Universal Laws of Life, Growth, and Death in Organisms, Cities, and Companies”

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👋Hello everyone and Welcome to the Circular Metabolism podcast, the bi-weekly meeting where we have in-depth discussions with thinkers, researchers, activists, policy makers and practitioners to better understand the metabolism of our cities and how to reduce their environmental impact in a socially just and context-specific way.

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