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The birth of Social Ecology (Prof. Marina Fischer-Kowalski - BOKU University)

The birth of Social Ecology (Prof. Marina Fischer-Kowalski - BOKU University)

📺 Welcome to the Circular Metabolism podcast 📺. This podcast is hosted by Aristide Athanassiadis from Metabolism of Cities. In this podcast we talk with researchers, policy makers and practitioners to understand what makes urban metabolism and economies more circular.

On this episode, I have the honour to chat with Professor Marina Fischer Kowalski from Boku University who founded the Institute of Social Ecology and was a founding figure for the International Society of Industrial Ecology as well as the European Society for Ecological Economics. Her work is very interdisciplinary and has evolved over the years but includes elements of social sciences, accounting and policy or even politics. She has written countless reports, articles and books on the topic of material flows analysis, industrial ecology, ecological economics and many more.

On this episode we discuss about the creation of the social ecology field and how it helped to establish material flow analysis as a policy making instrument.

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Circular Metabolism
Circular Metabolism Podcast
👋Bonjour et Bienvenu.e au Circular Metabolism Podcast. Le rendez vous bi-hebdomadaire qui interviewe des chercheurs, des décideurs politiques et des praticiens pour mieux comprendre le métabolisme de nos villes et comment réduire leur impact environnemental d’une manière systémique, juste et contextualisée. Ce podcast est produit par Aristide Athanassiadis membre et co-fondateur de Metabolism of Cities.