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The Business of Less (Prof. Roland Geyer - UCSB) - Circular Metabolism Podcast #39

The Business of Less (Prof. Roland Geyer - UCSB) - Circular Metabolism Podcast #39

📺 Welcome to the Circular Metabolism podcast 📺. Hello everyone and Welcome to the Circular Metabolism podcast, the bi-weekly meeting where we have in-depth discussions with thinkers, researchers, activists, policy makers and practitioners to better understand the metabolism of our cities and how to reduce their environmental impact in a socially just and context-specific way.

On today’s episode I will be discussing a topic that I’m not too familiar. It is loosely connected with consumption, companies and the pursuit of eco-efficiency or the win-win paradigm which assure us that companies can maximise profits and still protect the environment. As we will see this win-wins and sustainable business are a perhaps a pipe dream and that there might not be no such thing as green product. However, there is still a lot that we can do both at a company and a household level to reduce net environmental impact. To discuss about this topic I have Roland Geyer, Professor at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, University of California at Santa Barbara. Prior to joining the Bren School he held research positions at the Centre for Environmental Strategy (University of Surrey, UK), the Centre for the Management of Environmental Resources (INSEAD, France), working with top industrial ecologist. Roland has also recently published “The Business of Less: The role of companies and Households on a Planet in Peril” (show boo) which will make the basis of our conversation.

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