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The Rise of Sanitary Cities (Podcast with Prof. Martin Melosi) - Circular Metabolism Podcast #54

The Rise of Sanitary Cities (Podcast with Prof. Martin Melosi) - Circular Metabolism Podcast #54

📺 Welcome to the 54th episode of the Circular Metabolism Podcast: The Rise of Sanitary Cities with Prof. Martin Melosi 📺.

🏙️ On today’s episode we will talk about a topic that I have already declared my love about it during the episode with Carolyn Steel. The topic of urban environmental history. As you will see this topic is not only fascinating but also quite fundamental for planning future and current cities. More specifically, the history of urban pollutions, the creation of technical and sanitary services and the role of sanitary engineers are crucial to be understood for urban transformation.

🎓 To talk about this topic, I have Emeritus Professor Martin Melosi. Martin is an environmental historian whose research and writing have focused on urban sanitary infrastructure, including the services for drinking water, wastewater and solid waste. He was a professor at the University of Houston, where he has taught since 1984. He has written a number of books including The Sanitary City, Effluent America, and Coping with Abundance.


0:00 Introduction of the episode

02:30 Introduction of Martin Melosi

09:08 Why talk about urban industrial systems ?

15:00 Can you describe the transformation of cities going from a primary economy to a secondary and a tertiary economy (in the US context) ?

35:40 Did environmental or health concers triggered water and sanitation systems ?

42:00 What are sanitarians ?

51:00 Did cities use their sanitation systems to grow spatially ?

59:00 How can we use past infrastructures for today’s challenges ?

1:13:30 How to propose solutions in an ever complexifying world ?

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