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What if all Cities became Transition Towns (Podcast with Rob Hopkins and Noémie Cheval) - Circular Metabolism Podcast #58

What if all Cities became Transition Towns (Podcast with Rob Hopkins and Noémie Cheval) - Circular Metabolism Podcast #58

📺 Welcome to the 58th episode of the Circular Metabolism Podcast: What if all Cities became Transition Towns with Rob Hopkins and Noémie Cheval 📺.

🏙️ On today’s episode I will ask you to use your untapped superpower. A superpower that could help us act against current ecological and social crises. A superpower that could increase our well-being by being more rooted and involved in our communities. A superpower that could shape future decarbonised, healthy and just societies. This superpower is imagination. And so, in this episode I would to ask you to use your imagination to envision a world where all cities, towns and villages have joined and applied principles from the Transition Movement. What would our lives and the environment look like ?

🎓 To think about these questions, I will discuss with none other than the co-founder of the Transition Network and co- founder of Transition Town Totnes. He is a teacher of permaculture, an artist, a researcher, a podcaster, a brewery co-owner and an author of numerous books including The Transition Handbook – From oil dependency to local resilience and From What Is to What IF – Unleashing the Power of Imagination to Create the Future we want. I’m talking of course of Rob Hopkins. But WAIT there is more, today I have not one but two guests. On the side of Rob is Noémie Cheval. She is a member and co-founder of the Swiss Transition Hub or Réseau Transition Suisse Romande which supports numerous wonderful initiatives. Noémie is a trainer and is passionate about helping people and organisations in their quest of transitioning. I think that having these two perspectives will help all of us to understand the birth of the transition movement, its implementation to different contexts and foresee the future of the movement.

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